I'm Adam.

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I'm a hands-on CTO at Covver, a web GDE, and author of open source libraries. I previously co-founded 500Tech, a company that specializes in frontend technologies, and event handler, the company behind many tech conferences in Israel. I love coding, and love speaking about code.

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My Talks

I speak about the things I'm passionate about.
I'm never attached to a single technology, rather I prefer to speak about good programming practices,
and the benefits of the tools we have at hand.

Migrating from state management to react-query. Iā€™m sorry, what?!

It's time to admit - we were wrong. State management solutions are great, but unfitting for server-side data. Server-side data needs special care, like async behaviour built-in, caching, deduping, refetching, loading states, error states, pagination, and more. And us - we kept struggling with state management solutions and re-invented the wheel. The good news is that now we have react-query. And even better - we have hooks, so combining server and client state is easier than ever. Let's explore this new architecture based on react-query, together, and learn how we can benefit from its flexibility and simplicity.

We don't know how React state hooks work

We use them all the time, and imagine how we think state hooks work (useState, useReducer). But under the hood, as expected, things are not that simple as you imagine. This talk is about update queues, batching, eager and lazy updates, and some other cool things learned from looking at Hooks source code. It also contains practical takeaways that will help you better understand and debug your code.

State Management in a World of Hooks

React hooks shook the foundation of our React code, and how we think about state management. The long debated Redux vs. MobX theme has shifted to whether context + useReducer is an alternative, and whether state management is necessary at all.
In this talk we explore how we can use the benefits of hooks in state management.

React's Future - Under the Hook

React has introduced new tools to manage state and data for our components.
Hooks are noticeably one of the most mind-shifting new features. They allow for easier code reuse, separation of concerns, and new patterns for state management.

MobX - Performance and Sanity

The 2 major challenges for frontend apps these days are maintaining a sane architecture, and good performance.
MobX introduces a great way to manage a reactive state with a single source of truth, using plain objects and decorators.
This talk introduces the idea and concept behind MobX, and how it can completely turn your web development process around.

How to Write Bad Code in Redux

"Redux forces you to write good code" - I've heard that sentence many times.In fact - it's quite easy to write bad code with Redux, as I demonstrate in this talk.
In this talk I show some bad practices and techniques with Redux, and how to avoid them.
I cover aspects such as code reuse, coding conventions, and architecture

Tales of an open source library

Writing a library is different from writing an app. The tools are different, the considerations, and the motivation.
In this talk I show how to do versioning correctly, the pitfalls of bundling your library, and some personal stories about the burden and satisfaction of writing an open source library.

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